I really enjoyed Funko’s Sci-Fi Mystery Minis… even if I never got the one I wanted the most – The Rocketeer. Still, with the unveiling of series 2, I’m definitely on board, especially for the Iron Giant and Voltron!

The new set will be out in November and is set to feature:
Futurama – Bender
Battlestar Galactica – Cylon (Gold and Standard Versions)
Battlestar Galactica – Starbuck
Lion Voltron
Star Trek: The Next Generation – Locutus (Captain Picard in the Borg)
Galaxy Quest – Dr. Lazarus
Fifth Element – Leeloo
The Matrix – Neo
Iron Giant
Star Trek: The Original Series – Captain Kirk
Back to the Future – Doc Brown
Alien – Kane with Facehugger
Aliens – Alien Queen