A few weeks ago, we took some time to check out some of the weird and wonderful Pikachu bootleg toys that were floating around of the popular Pokemon character. Today we wanted to go back to Aliexpress and check out what toy bootleggers were doing with the most adorable member of the Guardians of The Galaxy, Groot.

As it turns out, the most popular thing to do to Groot is to turn him into other characters from Marvel Comics or the MCU. We’ve found bootlegs, or Grootlegs if you will, that feature Groot as Captain America, The Winter Soldier/ Bucky, The Hulk, and Thor. He’s also popping up as characters that only recently joined the MCU via the acquisition of FOX like Wolverine and Deadpool. As to how he ended up being portrayed as Venom, Batman, Bruce Lee, or just casual Groot is beyond us. We just know that these bootleg toys are pretty awesome.

If you are wondering what these figures were bootlegged from, it looks like all of the poseable figures are based on a Hot Toys release of Groot from Guardians of The Galaxy Volume II. We aren’t sure about the non-poseable versions. As these toys aren’t exactly legal by US standards, we won’t post a direct link, but we already mentioned the site that’s carrying them if you feel like you need Grootpool, Captain Groot, or Grootverine in your collection.