Today’s Marvel Legends panel at Hasbro Pulse Con was filled with new reveals that are going to excite fans. The panel started with the reveal of a new Stormbreaker prop replica that lights up, and has movie sounds. The massive collectible is going to look great on the shelf next to the premium Infinity Gauntlet they released last year. One special treat announced for the retro line is a chase set of metallic versions of the Iron Man and Black Panther figures.

After that there was a lot of talk reminding people of the retro line that we reported on earlier in the week as well as massive success of the Sentinel Haslab campaign.

The next big reveal was the Marvel Legends Avengers Wave 2 series. The new series will b split between two Gamerverse figures: Stealth Captain America, Atmospheric Armor Iron Man and four comic book figures including a Classic Sam Wilson Falcon, Kang the Conqueror, Thunderstrike 90s Thor, and Jocasta. If you grab all the figures, you’ll be able to complete the Mr. Joe Fixit (From Gamerverse) build a figure.

2021 reveals:

Spider-man wave 1
The new wave will feature new Miles Morales and Ghost-Spider figures. They will feature new sculpts that are more movie accurate. There will also be a comic book-based Hand Ninja, two other unnamed-figures, and a Stilt-Man Build-a-Figure. For Stilt- Man, they’ve made the Hand Ninja a troop builder, allowing collectors to load up on leg sections to make the villain as tall as they like (or as physics allow).

Villain Wave (Bring on the Bad Guys)

Today, Hasbro unveiled an all new all-villains line that will include Arcade, Classic Dormamu, and at least two other baddies, as well as an unnamed build-a-figure.

House of X

This year’s follow-up to last years AOE X-Men line is a new wave based on the popular House of X story. While much of the line is still a secret, they did reveal Magneto (in white), Professor X, and Moira McTaggert. Moira will have a couple of different looks packaged in so fans can create a different Moira from a few different eras.

Along with the waves that were announced, there were several other figures revealed to fans at today’s panel. Celebrating the 40th anniversary of Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends, Firestar is set for a new Marvel Legends figure. Also, Hasbro will be delving deeper into Cosmic Marvel with The Fallen version of Silver Surfer (Walgreens and EB Games exclusive) from “Thanos Wins”, and a deluxe Thanos figure based on the art from the original 1991 Infinity Gauntlet story.

Finally, Marvel will be continuing the X-Men retro line with new Gambit and Rogue figures. Both of which are Target exclusives.