Cyborg Spider-Man was the creation of Erik Larson from his Revenge of The Sinister Six arc that he wrote and drew as the first person to be handed the Todd McFarlane created Spider-Man series after he left to create Image comics. Now, the classic take on your neighborhood’s friendly wall-crawler is getting immortalized in plastic with the new Hasbro Pulse Unveils Marvel Legends Retro Collection – Cyborg Spider-Man Figure. We can only hope that news of the new 90s era figure means that we are inching closer to finally getting a Sleepwalker figure.

Hasbro Pulse has just taken to Instagram with the announcement:

Just revealed! Augmented with cybernetic capabilities, this Cyborg Spider-Man takes down villains using advanced technology and good ol spider powers. Check out the Marvel Legends 6-inch Cyborg Spider-Man Retro Collection Figure, available later this year at Target in US and EB Games in Canada!