It’s been more than 20 years since full-sized Boglins were available for fans and collectors, but all of that is about to change. With the popularity of all things 90s and the growing numbers of Cult Boglins fans online, they are the so ugly they are cute, squishy puppets are about to make a comeback via a crowdfunding campaign. they’ll even have the classic boxes with the cage bars on them. Check out all the details, pics, and videos below. Then, head over to Kickstarter to support the campaign.

Boglins® Prepare For World Domination

Boglins® are back in their original size and cages, but they have evolved!  Boglins® were extremely popular in the U.S. between 1987 – 1989, after which these creepy and cute puppets traveled around Europe, Canada, Japan and Australia for another 7 years but have been hiding ever since.  Now the Boglins® are back with newly evolved styles and ready to burst pout of their cages!

This team is bringing back Boglins® due to overwhelming demand. What started as a passion project has quickly got out of control, much like the Boglins®. That’s where you come in! There are over 15,000 Bog-Fans, like you, and the demand is just too high for us to keep up with in our current production methods.  If we can reach our goals, not only will you get to take Boglins® home with you, but you will help us smooth out production, give us the chance to get Boglins® into the hands of kids and collectors all over the world, and grant us the opportunity to create even more new fun styles of Boglins®! We believe this toy could inspire the next Jim Henson, film maker, or artist!

For the first time the complete story of the 7 Bogs and the 7 Kings will be told! Fans of the original Boglins® will be excited to learn more about these lovable uglies. Anyone new to the Boglins® world will get to enjoy the fleshed out origins of these retro-collectibles.  Donors will receive a Boglin® from the FIRST BATCH ever made in 2021.  They can buy up to 8 Boglin® styles including the first 3 Kings, Blobkin and the glow in the dark Bog o Bones.  They can even buy up and have their Boglins® signed by Tim Clarke!

Accompanying King Dwork™, King Drool™, and King Vlobb™ are the brand new Blobkin™ and Bog O Bones™. While not yet Boglin® Kings, Blobkin™ and Bog O Bones™ have high hopes to get their third horn and take their seat at the throne. These two special edition Boglins® will be included in the top tier donor rewards and are a can’t miss for Bog-Fans!

After working alongside Tim Clarke, one of the creators of Boglins®, Chris Cofoni and Clarke became quick friends.  Cofoni grew up with Boglins® and they were quick to bond over this shared passion. Clarke, along with co-creator of Boglins®  Maureen Trotto, are working with Surge Licensing/Mark Freedman, in partnership with Cofoni’s TriAction Toys, to bring the back the original Boglins®. Finally, any donor who selects a package with at least the three Kings will receive a free shirt showing off their love for the Boglins®! Bog-Swag at it’s finest! 

Risks and challenges

It’s always challenging bringing back something you are passionate about. The risk here is that people will write the Boglins­® off as nothing more than nostalgia. Our long term plan is to continue the line of Boglins® moving forward. We feel that the Boglins® can have such an impact on people’s creativity. That, paired with the thousands of Bog-Fans we’ve communicated with online, makes us feel that we can overcome these challenges and revive Boglins® long term!

Reusability and recyclability

New Boglins will be made from TPR vs. Krayton. It will feel the same and look the same but the difference is it is fully recyclable. Since we are shipping in cages as packaging this allows for people to keep it as part of the play pattern and thus creates no trash with excess packaging!

Sustainable materials

TPR also makes Boglins a rather green toy made to last generations!

Environmentally friendly factories

Boglins will be made in factories that comply with the highest levels of compliance as they have a Walmart ID and have thus been researched and inspected.

If you aren’t familiar with Boglins, or you just want to check out a good retelling of the history of the brand, check out this mini documentary on them from The Game Chasers: