From Toy Fair 2018, Hasbro has officially unveiled their new line of Marvel Legends product offerings for 2018 and it’s a doozy! Get your first look at official high-res press images from Hasbro’s new Antman, Deadpool, Spider-Man, X-Men and Marvel Cinematic Universe First 10 Years line.

Spider-Man Wave 2
-All-New-All-Different Daredevil (Not Shadowland)
-Classic Dr. Oct
-House of M Spider-Man
-Scarlet Spider V2

Avengers Wave 2
-Ant-Man MCU
-Wasp MCU
-Black Knight with 2 alt heads
-Classic Malekith

X-Men Wave
-Sabretooth (Jim Lee)
-Tiger Stripe Wolverine
-Multiple Man with 2 alt heads
-Mohawk Storm
-Magneto (Modern)
-Apocalypse BAF

Venom Wave
-Venom with unmasked head
-Carnage with unmasked head
-Spider-Ham with Pork Grind Head
-Monster Venom BAF (not shown)

Deadpool Wave 2
-Omega Red
-Bishop with Mullet
-Lady Deadpool comes with Headpool
-X-Men Deadpool
-Pantless Deadpool
-Sauron BAF

Black Panther MCU 2-Pack
-Killmonger unmasked head and Agent Ross (Target 2-Pack)

Ant-Man 2-pack
-Ant-Man and Stinger (TRU 2-Pack)

Sentinel Days Of Future Past
-Reissue MU Sentinel with Old Man Logan

Fantastic Four (Walgreens)
-Thing with 1 alt head, teeth and without teeth
-Silver Surfer

MCU Marvel Legends 10th Anniversary
-Tony Stark and Iron Man Mark 1 (Walmart 2-Pack)
-Iron Man Mark VII From Avengers
-Hot Rod Iron Man, Mandarin, Pepper (TRU)
-Guardians Of The Galaxy 1 Ronin (Gamestop, BBTS and EE)
-Hulkbuster and possed Hulk from Age of Ultron (Target 2-Pack)
-Captain America and Crossbones from Civil War

Legendary Riders 6″ Marvel Legends Logan on bike.