We love Hallmark Ornaments here. Every year we pick out several to feature in our annual holiday gift guide. That’s why we had to take a minute and point this one out to you. We aren’t knocking Hallmark here. Admittedly, featuring the moment in Star Wars Mythology where Darth Vader is told that he’s killed the mother of his children is a curious choice for the holiday season. That said, we think it’s worth picking up for exactly this reason. Not only does it feature the full dialogue between Vader and the Emperor, but it also features the much maligned extended NOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

This is the kind of ornament that stands out on a tree. The Rise of Lord Vader Keepsake Ornament is going to start conversations at your Christmas party and it’s going to keep you amused for years. Most of all, as the hopefully amazing new movies come out, this ornament will sit on the branches of your tree as a reminder of the ghosts of Star Wars past.

You can find the ornament at your local Hallmark store or you can get it by clicking HERE