From Jailbreak Toys:

Ladies and gentlemen of the blogosphere, meet the Michelle Obama Action Figure.

If there’s one person in America who has captured the public’s attention even more than Barack Obama, it’s his wife Michelle. So, following the runaway success of the Obama Action Figure we simply had to make her.

But just like in real life, the Michelle Obama Action Figure isn’t simply the female counterpart to Barack. She’s her own lady, with her own style and energy, and, of course, her own influential fashion sense.

Michelle comes in three variations: purple dress (the one she wore during her campaign fist bump), black and white dress (the one she wore on The View), and black and red dress (the stunning number from Election Day 2008).

She’s currently available for pre-order on our website for what we hope is the recession-proof price of $12.99.

While Michelle doesn’t ship until November 20th, you should check back periodically for special give-a-ways, discount offers, and information about the exciting Michelle Obama Custom Toy Show.