If you’ve been a collector for more than the last couple of years there’s a good chance that you either know who Ken Lilly is or you’ve bought something he’s worked on. Generally known as one of the nicest guys in the toy industry Ken has had his hands in everything from Earthworm Jim to The Muppets. Back when I was a writer for Toy Shop Magazine, He and Travis Allen were always there with a story or a review piece. They made my job a lot easier and they were really just a couple of great guys to talk to.

After Resaurus and Palisades Toys both closed down Ken tried his hand at creating his own lines of toys through his company Creatus Maximus. His Smart Bomb figures were great and you can actually still buy some of them at Swagbitches. Unfortunately they never really picked up the kind of steam that you need when building a toy company.

No matter what was going on, Ken was always one of the most accessible and fan friendly people in the toy industry. He kept up with his CreatusMaximus forum, as well as all his friends on Facebook and Myspace. However, after Creatus faded out, he became a lot more scarce as he spent time with his family and plotted his next move.

The great news is that he’s back with a new blog called Blogzilly. He’s back spreading his wisdom, sharing great designes for collectibles that might be and never were, and he’s hinted that he’s back in the game and working in collectibles and toys again.

Below is an image from his latest post of an Akuma mini bust that never got made from back in his Resaurus days. So Ken, welcome back and we look forward to seeing what you bring us in the future… How about those Sesame Street Figures for a start?