Today McFarlane announced that they will be releasing a new limited edition exclusive that will be available only on and, to a very limited extent, at the McFarlane Westgate retail store in Glendale, Arizona.

This exclusive figure to be released is the incredibility popular SkullSplitter figure from the Spawn Series 22: Dark Age Spawn: The Viking Age (2002).

Skullsplitter, known in homo sapien circles as Jorvak Skullsplitter, is a servant of the evil Loki and the sworn enemy of Spawn the Bloodaxe.

Standing 6”, SkullSplitter will be available for pre-order October 31. Orders will be open until December 1, or until sold out. Its retail price is $12.99 with a limit of two figures per customer.

With this news you just can’t help but be excited. Hopefully this means McFarlane will re-release more fan favorites/hard-to-finds *cough* Clown R3 from Series 17*cough* as collector’s Club exclusives soon.