With playoffs in full swing (Seriously, who’s not going to be watching the Rays and Red Sox game tonight?) and the World Series just a few weeks away, McFarlane continues to do what they do best and that’s making great sport collectibles.

Today, unveiling new images and information about their new Cooperstown Collection series six. Due out in February 2009, this series will feature six legendary players in an all new look. Repaints or rehashes they are certainly not. But you don’t have to take my word for it, check out the pictures below.

– Babe Ruth as a pitcher, and in both New York and Boston uniforms
– Nolan Ryan starting his classic wind-up, with one event-specific detail you cannot miss
– Lou Gehrig from one of baseball’s classic moments
– Bo Jackson
– George Brett
– Rollie Fingers with extra ‘stash action

Each figure is expected to retail for $10 – $14.