A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import! In 1962 Stan Lee created the character of SPIDER-MAN, the teen aged Peter Parker granted extraordinary powers by the bite of a radioactive spider. With great power comes great responsibility, and Spider-Man would use that power to save lives and protect the innocent. The innovative superhero would go on to become one of the most popular and famous characters of all time, appearing in hundreds of comic books, television shows, and the biggest comic book blockbuster film of all time!

The amazing Spider-Man is captured like never before, carrying girlfriend Mary Jane Watson while swinging over a miniature New York City. Spidey wears his classic red and blue costume, recreated here with painstaking sculpted detail down to the fabric’s texture. Swinging from a strand of webbing, the superhero’s rigid action pose and rippling musculature juxtaposes the relaxed and feminine Mary Jane. Dressed in her iconic black shirt and white pants, MJ calmly holds onto Spider-Man’s neck, her green eyes and smiling face locked onto her hero’s. Meanwhile, the buildings of the city below are fantastically sculpted to create a stylized perspective, and there’s even a Daily Bugle building!

Crafted by master sculptor Junnosuke Abe, this classic rendition of Spider-Man stands almost 10 inches tall from the base of the miniature cityscape to the top of the Web Slinger’s outstretched arm. As with every Fine Art Statue in the Kotobukiya Collection, Spidey is constructed of high-quality cold cast porcelain and is a limited, numbered edition.