Starting next year, Nicktoons will begin airing 26 half-hour episodes of “Voltron Force,” a series about five space explorers who pilot robotic lions that combine to form Voltron, defender of the universe. And like clockwork, anytime there’s a new series, there will be new toys.

Aside from announcing details on a new series, Variety has also revealed that Mattel has landed the new “Voltron Force” license.

According to Variety, the series will remain faithful to the old show, while introducing new recruits to fight alongside the original characters.

New episodes will be timed to the 25th anniversaries. It will be the first “Voltron” TV project in 10 years, although an iPhone game came out in December.

WEP and Classic Media (“Casper the Friendly Ghost,” “Where’s Waldo?”) will produce the toon with Kickstart Prods. (“Wolverine and the X-Men”). Classic Media is shepherding international distribution, merchandising and licensing deals.

Mattel will tie-in with the anniversary to launch toys based on the classic “Voltron” range, as well as action figures and playsets that revolve around an edgier, modernized robot. There is no date on when the toys will hit shelves. Or whether or not they will be in die-cast like predecessors.

“What’s paramount is getting the toys right,” Ted Koplar, president of St. Louis-based WEP told Daily Variety. “They’re pretty involved toys that have to transform and fit together.”

Source: Variety