McFarlane Toys is excited to reveal a first look at the highly anticipated addition to our sports action figure lines — MLB Playmakers. As announced last November, Playmakers is a completely new type of McFarlane Toys product based on our existing sports licenses. These new action figures include the high level of detail McFarlane Toys is known for in a newly developed 4-inch scale figure. The addition of tremendous articulation, more than 20 moving parts, allows for complete playability and enables consumers to recreate countless sports action poses. All figures come in either a batter or fielder pose, except for pitchers.


* DEREK JETER (fielding) — New York Yankees
* ALBERT PUJOLS (batting) — St. Louis Cardinals
* MANNY RAMIREZ (batting) — Los Angeles Dodgers

Other players in Series 1 include:

* David Ortiz
* Ryan Howard
* Alex Rodriguez
* Dustin Pedroia
* David Wright
* Josh Beckett
* Chipper Jones
* Ichiro Suzuki
* Tim Lincecum

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