Mezco Toyz announces a new Friday The 13th Jason Vorhees exclusive AKA Sack Head Jason!


Dangerous and deadly things happen in the woods near Camp Crystal Lake. They say that a stalker haunts the night, wearing a hockey mask and wielding a butcher’s knife. They say that the teenagers who come there will never leave, for when Jason Voorhees strikes, there will be blood! This PREVIEWS Exclusive brings the terror of Friday the 13th and Camp Crystal Lake to life as a 7″ tall action figure with a bag instead of the signature mask on his head! Blister card packaging.

* Friday the 13th is one of cinema’s Most long-lived horror franchises
* The hockey mask-clad Jason Voorhees is one of filmdom’s most notorious villains
* PREVIEWS Exclusive version of Jason features a bag over his head instead of the hockey mask
* Figure stands 7″ tall and comes with accessories
* Blister card packaging

One thought on “Mezco Toys: Cinema Of Fear Exclusive Jason Vorhees”

  1. Sweet, but I think it would’ve been cooler if Mezco released the seven inch version with this exchangable head. It would’ve added an accessorie, and make it easier for the people who bout the 12 inch version just for the clost head. Just a thought, but still a neat exclusive

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