Andrew Bell’s Android figures seem to inspire more customs than just about any other piece of DIY vinyl out there right now. Mikie Graham is now getting ready to put his stamp on the figure with a set of custom Android blind box figures that he’ll be selling through starting today.

The series, called Mechanized Mad Men combines Playmobile figures with Androids to created mechas inspired by Don Quixote, Andy Warhol, Leonardo DaVinci, H.P. Lovecraft, Nikola Tesla, Emperor Norton, Klaus Nomi, and one mystery character.

Each figure comes inside of a custom box with a wooden display base & a mini print telling the character’s person story.

Each figure retails for $100 (that includes shipping). Check out the figures and the ratio’s below:
Warhol 3/15
Nomi 2/15
Lovecraft 3/15
Da Vinci 2/15
Tesla 3/15
Quixote 2/15

Source: Clutter