Hasbro has released some new high res official images of upcoming Marvel Universe wave 6 figures in addition to new Comic 2-Packs wave 4. All figures are set to be out before the end of the year.

Marvel Universe single pack wave 6 includes:
– Psylocke
– Storm
– Shadowland Daredevil
– Iron Fist (New Avengers’ Costume)
– Thunder Age Thor
– Patriot

Marvel Universe Comic 2-Pack Wave 4 includes:
– Daredevil/Bullseye
– Wolverine/Captain America
– Classic Power Man/Iron Fist
– Thor/Iron Man
– Spider-Man/Captain Britain
– Wonder Man/Quicksilver

One thought on “Hasbro: New Official Images Of Marvel Universe Wave 6 and Comic 2-Pack Wave 2”

  1. Getting the DD and Bullseye 2-pack for sure. Why is Shadowland Daredevil using the old buck?!?!

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