BigBadToyStore currently has a pre-order up for one of the coolest USB flash drive I’ve ever seen — a transforming Ravage from the Decepticons! Growing up, the G1 Soundwave was perhaps my most beloved Decepticons. A lot of it had to due to the fact that he could eject robots out of his chest, and with one of them being Ravage. What kid didn’t want a micro-cassette tape that could transform into a jaguar that hissed and loved to attack Bumblebee?

What makes this USB Ravage even cooler is the fact that they stuck with the original G1 look as oppose to some jacked up Michael Bay/Hollywood design. The Ravage USB won’t be out until September and will retail for an expensive $42.99. Yikes, but sold!

Hopefully the success of this drive leads to more USB Transformers. Lazerbeak and Rumble next please.


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