Japanese online toy retailer Mamegyorai has currently listed a pre-order for NECA’s 7″ Gremlins Series 2. Interestingly the Lightning Gremlin which was once teased on the reverse packaging of Gremlins Series 1 is mysteriously absent. In its place instead is a basic Brown Gremlin, a figure that was only shown at Toy Fair and other cons.

The Brown Basic Gremlin is the same as the Flasher Gremlin from series 1, sans coat and green color scheme.

While we’re not sure what this means, we do know that NECA recently tweeted about changes to their Gremlins Series 2 and especially the Lightning Gremlin. Could it be that he simply becomes a Build-A-Figure, or an SDCC exclusive? I guess we’ll find out come Toy Fair.

Mamegyorai has Gremlins Series 2 currently listed for a June release.

2 thoughts on “NECA: Lightning Gremlin Replaced With Basic Brown Gremlin In ‘Gremlins’ Series 2?”

  1. Yeah, he does look like Brian. But it’s the same sculpt as the Flasher unfortunately, so he kind of has a smile. Too bad NECA couldn’t have made the brown version a close mouth like Phantom.

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