There are no images, but Bigbadtoystore has revealed and listed a number of new ThunderCats products from Bandai for pre-order. Most noticeable is a listing for 6″ Classic Figures that’ll come two per pack with Lion-O and Mumm-Ra. Does this mean Bandai is planning to scrap the 8″ Classic line and go with the more traditional 6″ scale that fans have been asking for online? I guess only time will tell.

The new listings include:

– 6″ Classic Collector Figure Series 01 – Set of Lion-O & Mumm-Ra – (It would seem Bandai has been listening to fans and decided to scrap the 8″ line of classic figures and start over in the 6″ scale)

– 12″ Armor of Omens Exoskeleton Figure (New Series) – Worn only by those who have mastered the Sword of Omens, the Armor of Omens is a powerful weapon that can resist deadly attacks. Includes 12″ Exoskeleton Figure and semi-articulated 4″ Figure of Lion-O.

– Thundercats 2011 Stylized Figure 6-Pack – Eye of Thundera – Stylized/”Super Deformed” figures from new and classic show

– 6″ Collector Figure Series 02 (New Series) – Cheetara

– 4″ Figure Series 02 (New Series) – Claudus, Mumm-Ra Transformed, Lion-O Version 2 – New Gauntlet & Battle Damage Panthro

– Deluxe Figure Series 02 (New Series) – Panthro & Slithe