The much anticipated PulseCon 2022 reveal of upcoming 2023 Marvel Legends just wrapped and I hope you’re sitting down for this one!

Pulse exclusives:
Retro Ironman with pulse cannon

Daredevil 3-pack (classic Daredevil, White Elektra, and Bullseye)

From Haslab, Mephisto was revealed and a second tier was teased. We’re pretty confident it’s the Goblin Queen.

Avengers wave: Orb, Molecule Man

Walgreens exclusive: Final villain updated Moonstone. Now with pinless double elebows and new mask deco.

Disney+ What If: Warrior Gamora. She comes with a giant blade weapon.

X-Men Retro: Wolverine in Yellow And Blue Outfit. He comes with two unmasked Logan heads (Might be the Logan head sculpts to date!). Longshot, with yellow star and glowing eye. Dark Phoenix, now with pinless double elbows. Only comes with one head however. An all new Avalance. Multiple Man in classic green. Comes with two Madrox heads. Spiral with pinless double elbows and all her weapons. This wave will go up for pre-order today at 6pm ET on Pulse.

X-Men 60th Anniversary 3-pack tease: Storm with short hair in new female body with sculpted leg straps. Banshee, with screaming head (shown) and a yet to be revealed classic head with muttonchops.

Unknown set, possible the rumored X-Men 60th Anniversary 5-pack: Stryfe. Seems to have a new more menacing head. But the body and cape are reused from the old TRU Vampire Jubilee BAF wave.

X-Men Animated VHS Series: Cyclops with new body (Morph). Cyclops will also go up for pre-order today on Pulse.

Spider-Man Animated Series VHS Series: Teased was also a new Spider-Man VHS double boxed set. No figures were shown but we know we’ll be getting Symbiote Spider-Man and Carnage.

Walmart Exclusive: Classic Starlord. Looks to be on the Vulcan body