The Palisades Muppet figures are some of the best action figures ever made when you look at sculpting, accessories, and likenesses. The DST toys are good, but they aren’t on the same level. Now, Boss Fight Studios is looking to try and hit the mark with figures based on another Jim Henson creation, Fraggle Rock. The first figure up for pre-order is Flange Doozer, a figure that stands around 3″ tall. That means we can probably expect the actual Fraggles to come in somewhere between 5-7″ when all is said and done.

It’s time to dance your cares away with our brand new line of Fraggle Rock action figures! The first figure in the lineup is our Flange Doozer – a special preview figure that will arrive ahead of wave 1!

This adorable Doozer is focused on his work building things out of Doozer Sticks! Standing just about 3 inches tall with seven points of articulation, he comes equipped with his harness, walkie talkie, hammers, wrench, blueprints, and hard hat that fits to protect his head. Estimated early 2023, this item is a pre-order item.

*Please note if you pre-order with other items, we hold all stock until last item in the order is available to ship.