There’s a been a lot of scuttlebutt in various collectors forums about whether or not Gentle Giant had canceled their Sucker Punch Statues after the movie came out to such horrible reviews. There have even been several people posting about emails that they received telling them that their orders were canceled.

We wanted to get to the bottom of it so we checked in with our contacts over at GG and they assured us that anyone getting those cancellation emails are not getting them from Gentle Giant. They went on to tell us that everyone who ordered directly from Gentle Giant will get their order taken care of.

We’ve been watching the rumors grow over the last couple days and it made no sense that they would have canceled the statues. Let’s face it, even if the movie was crap, there is always a market for scantily clad ladies with big guns.

If we had to make a guess what went down, some distributors and resellers probably got spooked by the crappiness of the film. If that is what happened, all they ended up doing is costing them customers who will just order direct next time.