CoolToyReview recently posted two rumor lists for Hasbro’s upcoming Marvel Universe 2011 wave 3 and 4. The rumored list of new figures includes Darkhawk, a C-list superhero and my personal favorite Marvel character, as well as a Steve Rogers, who will most likely be in his new SHIELD costume design. It also includes popular characters such as Dr. Doom, Dr. Strange, Namor and Scarlet Spider.

Marvel Universe 2011 Wave 3
– X-23
– Ultron
– Darkhawk
– Falcon
– Dr. Strange

Marvel Universe 2011 Wave 4
– Steve Rogers
– Namor
– Scarlet Spider
– Dr. Doom
– Skaar

3 thoughts on “Rumor: Marvel Universe 2011 Waves 3 And 4”

  1. I signed up today just to say how fregin Awsome it will be if they really made a Darkhawk Action Figure!!! I’m a Huge fan of most all comic books,a Huge fan of Marvel and their wisdom,and above all a Huge DH fan. Every since I saw DH issue #1 setting on a shelf of a Booksamillion,he has been my BFF.It was love at first sight,at least for me.I also really love the Marvel Univese 3 3/4″ figure line so much that Ive made a top 50 wish list of figures I’d love to see made and guess who was on top?

  2. All the figures listed above can be viewed in goggle images! X-23 looks Awesome in the Xforce costume. nice to see they didn’t just paint the black spidy red. new sculpture is wlways appreciated. Falcon, scaar another home run! good stuff!

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