It might not be the biggest part of Comic-Con, but one of the things that I was most excited about seeing was the new Icon Heroes Thundercats Staticon line. The first official release of the line will actually be going live on their site this Friday (stay tuned for pics later today), but the Icon Heroes guys were kind enough to give people a sneak peek at some of the statues that are on the way, as well as a super sweet SDCC Lion-O exclusive.

This was a line that I was excited about just from the photos that we posted a month ago, but once you see the Jaga statue or the Lion-O on the Thunderclaw statue, I knew that my wallet was in imminent danger.

One thought on “SDCC 2010: Icon Heroes Thundercats”

  1. These all looked so much better in RL than in the photos. But they’re a lot smaller than I expected.

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