Mattel’s Mattypalloza panel just went done, here’s a list of what was covered in the panel.

DC Universe Classics:
– New JLU 7 Pack (currently on display at the Mattel booth)
– DCUC Legion of Superheroes 12 pack
– MattyCollector Club Infinite Earths. Set to beginin April 2012 with 9 Monthly figs, 2 Quarterly oversized figs, 1 Club-Exclusive figure
– 6″ Atrocitus, Starman, Flash 1 (looks really nice) are sub figures shown
– Club exclusive reveals include Fan’s Choice between Shaggy Man, Rocket Red, Black Lantern Swamp Thing, Metron with Mobious chair.
-The Club Infinite Earths figures are exclusive to the club and will not be available at retail.

– New WWE Legends coming to Mattycollector
– Rockers 2-pack!
– There will be 6 legends figures total, Andre the Giants with title belt
– Fans can vote on Mattycollector for the rest of the legends.

– Club Lion Force: 5 lions with pilots, each pilot comes with a piece of Voltron’s blazing sword and alt. head and activation key to open up the lions. The Pilots can be placed into the Lions.
– The Club Subscription exclusive is a Sven figure.

– 6″ Ready to Believe You Egon, Slime Blower Ray with cinema ghost and Vigo
– 12″ Peter Venkman and Winston Zeddemore 2-pack with a lot of accessories
– Prop Replica – Ghost Trap. Comes with two different modes, lights and sound.
– Retro Action Janine and Samhain with accessories, slimer and 22″ diorama
– Six 6″ figures set for Club Ecto-1.
– They include Ready to Believe You Peter with Taxi Ghost, Dana Barrett as Zuul with two sets of legs, and the Club Ecto-1 exclusive will be The Rookie from GB Video Game

Masters of the Universe Classics
– Leech, Hurricane Hordak (Sept)
– Icarius with two swapable heads, Windraider (Oct)
– Snout Spout comes with subscriber only sticker sheet, Battleground Evil Lyn with two heads (Modern white skin and hair), Swiftwind (white), Bubble Power She-Ra (Nov)
– Demon-Man, comes with two heads (can be swapped out with Skeletor) (Dec)

-The Sorceress, Star Sisters 3-pack (Jan 2012)
– Fisto comes with two heads and a sword (Feb)
– Kobra Kahn comes with two heads regular and attack mode, Thunder Punch He-Man (March)
– Shadow Weaver (Subscription figure), Preternia map.

– Mini comics will now come with the first three 2012 quarterly variants!! First issue to come with Thunderpunch He-Man.

– 6 all new MOTU characters, 1 every other month in 2012. Not part of Club Eternia, 1 figure from 4 horseman, 1 from Geoff Johns, 2 from Mattel
– Fearless Photog, Draego Man (Designed by the Four Horsemen)

– Mekanek and Ram Man not planned yet, but Mattel will get to them.
– No Vehicle Voltron plans, it will be up to fans and how well Voltron does.
– ToyGrur would like to make a prop replica of He-Man’s sword, but can’t find a way to do it yet…