SDCC 2011: Mattel’s Mattypalloza Panel coverage continues with their DC license properties that include DCUC, Young Justice and Batman: Legacy.

Green Lantern
– Movie Masters Kilowog, Hector Hammond, Parallax head and Torso and Galious
– Parallax complete and revealed. Can be display as a Bust or CnC figure
– Ultimate Electronic Movie Master Hal. Comes with light up platform with voice and interactive ring (Mattycollector exclusive)

Batman Brave and the Bold
– Line to continue with basic and deluxe figures.
– Kryptonite Collision pack with Superman and Metallo
– Samurai Warrior and Stealth Strike Batman

Batman Legacy
– Second wave of singles include Batman, Catman and Batgirl (2012)
– Batman Arkham City Figures
– 2 packs, batman and Two-Face, Joker and Robin (with Hoody)
– TRU will get an exclusive 70’s blue suit batman (skin will be in game as well)
– TDK two packs, Prototype suit Bruce with Gordon, TDK Batman with Joker in police uniform

DC Universe Classics
– Action League minis, wave 3 and 4 this summer and fall, wave 5 will include Flashpoint Aquaman and Wonder Woman, Flashpoint Batman and Superman project, Flashpoint Flash and Citizen Cold

– DCUC Wave 19 available fall 2011. Wave 20 spring 2012
– DCUC Wave 20: Modern Green Arrow with hood, Reverse Flash, Hawk, Dove, Red Arrow, White Lantern Flash 2, Sinestro Crops, CnC Nekron
– Wave 20 will be the final retail wave for DCUC.
– Shazam and Black Adam 2 pack
-12 pack Legions set will come with Proty figure and 24k Legion ring.

– DCUC vs MOTUC ending as well, with Bizarro vs Battle Armor Faker being the last set

– 3 packs with Adam Strange, Animal Man and Starman
– 7 pack (Dr Midnight, The Creeper, Johnny Thunder, Thunderbolt, Gypsy, Crimson Avenger, Speedy)
– Last of JLU to be released

Young Justice
– Young Justice Fall 2011 basic figures
– Very cool Young Justice CnC Hall of Justice
– A piece will come with each 4″ figure
– Spring 2012 basics: Superman, Artemis, Green Lantern and Robin
– Cheshire and Ra’s Al Ghul, Flash and Kid Flash 2 packs
– 6″ Superboy, Sportsmaster, Kid flash, Guardian in 2012

– DCUC not really ending, just being rebranded. There will still be new 6″ DC figures.