For the last couple of years Hasbro has wowed the crowd with giant Sentinel and Galactus Figures at Comic Con. This time they are going even bigger by releasing the whole freakin SHIELD Helicarrier!

Sure, it might not be exactly to scale, but Hasbro hasn’t done something like this since the USS Flagg came out for GI Joe back in the 80’s!

Until recently, the helicarrier was a secret among comic book fans, but now that it has been featured in The Avengers film, it is sure to be an even hotter collectible.

I pity the people who buy it at the convention. Having to lug that thing around is going to be murder… more murder than the $129.99 slash it will be making in your wallet.

Check out the official image below, and the box art from Joe “I terminally screwed up Spider-Man and should never be forgiven” Quesada.

Source: Herocomplex