Hasbro’s annual Marvel panel kicked off today at SDCC where Adam Biehl (Vice President, Global Marvel Line at Hasbro), Jesse Falcon (Director of Hardlines, Marvel), Dwight Stall (Senior Marvel Product Design Manager, Hasbro), Bobby Vella(sp) (Marvel Legends Designer) and Laura Gillwahl (Marketing) unveils upcoming products for the year.

6″ Super Hero Mashers

Marvel Universe
-Modern Gamora and Captain Marvel (Twitter winners)

6″ Marvel Legends infinite Series
Avengers Wave 1 (2015)
-Machine Man
-Scarlet Witch
-Captain Marvel
-Odin the All Father BAF (featuring variant King Thor parts)

Avengers Wave 2
-Jessica Drew Spider-Woman (with open and closed wings)
-Avengers movie Nick Fury (redeux of trench coat Fury)
-Avengers movie Maria Hill
-Avengers movie Agent Coulson (alternate head with shades)
-Modern Thanos BAF

Guardians of the Galaxy could see a wave 2

Marvel Infinite Series Wave 1
-Black Cat
-Big Time Spider-Man
-Classic 90s Beast (grey Beast variant)

Marvel Infinite Series Wave 2
-Doc Ock
-Colossus (Juggernaut version)
-Armored Daredevil
-North Star

Marvel Legends Infinite Series
-Guardians of the Galaxy 5-pack: Star Lord (different from the SDCC one), Groot, Rocket, Gamora, and Drax
-Magik (Modern)

Panel Q&A notes:
-Still working to get Bulldozer out. He’s been pushed back from the 2015 wave 1 because of Odin. He may even become a BAF for a future Marvel Legends wave this year.
-Other figures have been delayed so they could be improved such as Hawkeye and Iron Fist. Iron Fist will now feature multiple kung fu hands.
-Some larger figures might get released with a higher price point.
-Better case ratios for key characters.
-X-Men figures won’t see the light of day until 2016 when X-Men: Apocalypse movie comes out.

For whatever reason, no images were allowed, but TheFwoosh member franky4fingers was able to sneak these

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