A couple weeks ago, we reported on the statue that Comicave was designing as a tribute to Captain America. The statue, which stands 13′ tall has just been unveiled at San Diego Comic Con and it will stay there throughout the show. Afterwards, it will be taken to Prospect Park in Brooklyn, NY, on August 10th. Despite earlier reports that it would find its final home there, it now seems as though the statue will only be in Brooklyn for about 45 days. After that, it will move to the atrium of the atrium of the soon-to-be opened “Beyond” flagship location in Industry City. We really hope it gets to go back to Brooklyn after that.

Along with the full-sized statue, Comicave revealed that they’ll be offering fans a chance to own their own miniature 1:4 and 1:12 scale bronze version of the statue, available wherever it is being displayed (including at Comic Con). We expect that they’ll eventually make it available through the Comicave website as well.