Shocker Toys has announced that they have acquired the license for HBComics’ “Lazerman.”

“Lazerman will be joining Indy Spotlight alongside such indy comic greats as The MaXX, Shadowhawk, Dick Tracy, the Tick, The Phantom, and a host of others! In addition to the 6″ figure, a Lazerman Mallow is also in production!”

Shocker Toys acquired the license to design, develop, manufacture, distribute, market and sell designer figures and 6 inch scale action figures based on their Lazeman comic property, HBComics announced on their website.

“The Indy Spotlight line is a perfect blend of well known mainstream favorites, characters with more of a cult following, and “rising stars” you might not have heard of yet. I couldn’t imagine Lazerman being in better company.” Chris Hebert of HBComics ™ noted on the publisher’s production blog.

Prototypes for Shocker’s first Lazerman products, which will include a 6” action figure and a Designer Vinyl “Mallow”, will be on display at Shocker Toys booth at TOY FAIR 2010, February 14-17 in the Javits Center in New York City. Chris and Alan Hebert, creators of the character and co-owners of HBComics, will be on hand on the 17th to help promote the figures, and the toy line.

About HBComics: HBComics is an independent comic book publisher, founded by two brothers from Boston. More information on the company, or the titles being produced, can be found at

Source: TNI