According to Shocker Toys, Indie Spotlight Series 2, dubbed “The Tick Series,” is currently in pre-production and the line up will consist of:

-The Tick
-Dick Tracy (yellow trench coat with Tommy gun)
-Dick Tracy Variant (black suit with handgun)
-King Zombie
-King Zombie variant (different pants/jacket)
-Jack Staff

Each figure will come with an accessory for the Tick (Spoon, Ripped out stop sign, Purse, Tie, Viewfinder). A mail-away Arthur figure is also in to works, for those who buy and collect all the figure from Series 2.

Shocker Toys are also working on including a mini comic for all figures in Series 2, something that they were unable to do with Series 1.

Two SDCC 09 black and white Dick Tracy exclusives will also be available! Tentatively planned, fans can expect a SDCC Exclusive Trench Coat Black & White Dick Tracy (limit to 500 pcs) and a SDCC Exclusive Suit Version Black & White Dick Tracy (limit to 250 pcs).

Pre-Orders will be going up for the Dick Tracy Black & White SDCC exclusives soon. One of the SDCC Tracy exclusives will only be available on site at SDCC, although Shocker Toys have not yet announced which.

Lastly, both Jack Staff and Dick Tracy have been resculpted and improved. Imagines are forth coming. Because of the improvement changes, Series 2 won’t be ready until August, and probably won’t ship until sometime in the fall.

Shocker Toys’ Indie Spotlight Series 1, “The Maxx Series,” is available now at and other online retailers.