Super7 seems to have hit it out of the park with their Disney Ultimates Wave. We’ve been excited about the figures since we first pre-ordered them last year and we can’t wait for them to finally show up on our doorstep later this summer. Other than the bad choice of offering a Pinocchio human head instead of a Donkey-eared head, it looks to be an amazingly designed and extremely thoughtfully accessorized new series. Today, the toy company took to social media to give us the first peak at a figure from wave 2, along with a promise that the next set of figures will be dropping for pre-order next week.

The first reveal appears to be that of Robinhood, but possibly not in his regular look. As you can see in the image below, this is Robinhood as he appeared in his disguise during the archery tournament. We are seriously hoping that we are looking at Robinhood geared up in some of the many accessories that he’ll be slated to come with and that Super7 is not just releasing an alt-look for the character before they release the main character. There’s just far too many potential figures to put out in this line before you get bogged down in alternate looks. Right now we are just speculating. We’ll have all the details for you when the pre-order drops next week.