I know the ReAction line has a lot of supporters, but it’s always seemed like not enough figure for the price tag to me. Still, there are a couple of figures that I’ve picked up over the years like the Gimp from Pulp Fiction. It’s not like you’re going to get him as a figure anywhere else… and that’s where the ReAction line does shine when it’s the only time you’ll ever get that figure of that character. So, with that in mind, it definitely makes sense that they revealed a series of figures based on the McBain movies that take place in the Simpsons Universe, as well as teasing set of figures based on Parks and Recreation today.

Along with those two reveals, we also got our first look at their Disney and Friends figures and a tease for an upcoming Muppets line. On the latter, It is hard to imagine a reason to go for a Muppets ReAction figure when the Diamond Select line is pretty solid and oftentimes cheaper.