Some of the greatest artists from the world of vinyl are gathering together for the first annual Bewitching show at the Stranger Factory and the work that they are putting out is amazing. from the funny to the freaky and everywhere in between, the Bewitching show is one of the best collections of Halloween themed art that we’ve seen in a long while. Also, if your pockets are deep enough, you can even buy them. As a huge Andrew Bell fan, I’d kill to get my hands on that Zombiecorn, but alas, $500 is a little more than my wallet can currently handle.

If you can’t make it to the show, this is a great chance to check out some of our favorite pieces from the event, which opens tonight!

Here’s a comprehensive list of the participating artists: Andrew Bell • Colin Christian • Sas Christian • Kelly Denato • Doktor A. • DrilOne • FERG • Mikie Graham • Gary Ham • Brandon Dunlap • Walter Jacott • JRYU • Travis Lampe • Steve Lee • Leecifer • Stephane Levallois • Travis Louie • Jon MacNair • Irene Mendonis • Rhode Montijo • Kathie Olivas • Brandt Peters • Karen/Michael Peters • Chris Ryniak • Amanda Louise Spayd • Cat Thompson • Scott Tolleson • Emily Trovillion • Derek Yaniger • Archer Dougherty

Stranger Factory art space is proud to present “Bewitching” the first of an annual invitational group exhibition of new works in the theme and culture of vintage Halloween. The show will feature over 2 dozen local, national, and internationally recognized visual artists and designers. Featured artists include Sas and Colin Christian, Travis Lampe, Steve Lee, Emily Trovillion, Derek Yaniger, and Karen Peters.
Artists were invited to find inspiration in the history of Halloween, including costuming and merchandise from a past long gone to the symbolism and icons of this fantastic hallowed holiday – black cats to witches, to the walking dead and pumpkin kings…

The exhibition opens October 7th with a reception from 6-9pm.

Show runs from October 7th through November 12, 2011