Mattel has officially unveiled their upcoming Young Justice line based on the new series. While they were originally said to be similar to DC Universe Classics, from the looks of things they appear more like a hybrid of JLU and DCUC. If I were to be more accurate I’d think they look like the stylized Death of Superman figures that were released awhile back by DC Direct. Regardless they all look outstanding!

The Young Justice figures in the 4.75″ scale will all come with a Collect-to-Connect Hall of Justice piece. It will represent a 3D diorama similar to the Justice League base the original JL figures had.

The 6″ figures are said to have a more animated look than DCUCs. They will come with display bases and are in scale with DCUCs.

The first Young Justice figure will be a SDCC 2011 exclusive, replacing JLU as the new property.

Fans can expect 2-packs of hero/sidekick consisting of:
-Batman and Robin
-Flash and Kid Flash
-Aquaman and Aqualad

While there will also be singles of:
-Kid Flash

The figures will be in 6″ and 4.75″ scale. Some other figures shown include:
-Black Canary
-Ra’s al Ghul
-Captain Atom
-Vandal Savage