Formally known as DC Universe Classics, Mattel has revealed some of their upcoming rebranded DC Universe 2012 and DC Universe Club Infinite Earths Subscription collectible figures.

The figures that’s expected to come out this year includes:
DC Universe Club Infinite Earths Subscription Figures at
Poison Ivy: date to be announced!
Black Mask: date to be announced!
Platinum and Tin: date to be announced!
Flash 1: Available 4/16 2012 only at
Metron with Mobius Chair: Available 4/16 only to subscribers of Club Infinite Earths
Atrocitus: Available 5/15 only at
Starman: Available 6/15 only at
Mirror Master: Available 7/16 only at

DC Universe 2012 Figures
The Flash (JLA)
Superman™ (JLA)

DC Universe Classics 6″ 2012 2-packs at Toys ‘R’ Us
Yellow Lantern Hal and Blue Lantern Kyle Rayner
Red Armor Azrael and Knightfall Battle Damaged Batman™

Source: ToyArk