• Publisher: Viz Media
  • Format: DVD
  • Available:Viz.com
  • MSRP: $30.99

Once in a while we get a chance to bring in some new writers to the Wookie family to talk about some things that might normally fly under our radar. Today we’ve got a great review from our new Jr reviewer, Kaitlin Marie Zimmershead on a topic that can really only be grasped by the teenage female… I’m talking about vampire dramas, in particular, the Complete Vampire Kinght DVD box Set from Viz Media.

I never thought that I would review a DVD series. When I found out that it was Vampire Knight I couldn’t wait to get started! I had fallen in love with the Vampire Knight manga, and from watching the show, I loved the series even more. I am glad that I have the opportunity to review the 1st season of Vampire Knight on DVD!

This 325 minute long DVD comes with extras and relationship charts. If you ask me, it is an interesting thing to check out. The DVD comes with two disks and a different menu screen for each! Disk 1 has episodes 1-8. On the 1st disk you have to flip it over to get episodes 5-8. Disk 2 has episodes 9-13. The menu. The menu screens are like any other DVD menu, with the play, scene selection, set up and so on. All three volumes of this DVD pack have the same main menu set up except for the background.

If you go into the extras you will find trailers and what other anime is available on Viz Media. There are also other anime series that I want to check out as well. On the 3rd volume (2nd disk) you will find an extra extra! It is the relationship chart where it shows the following main characters and their relationships: Yuki, Kaname and Zero. On the scene selection you will see part A and part B under every episode. They had split the episodes in half so that it would make it easier to find where you left off and what episode you left off at. In set up, you have the choice whether to watch Vampire Knight in its English dubbed version or in its original Japanese. You also have the choice whether you want sub titles below or not. On each of the main menus it will tell you whether the disk is volume 1, 2, or 3. It was interesting watching this series with the extended features and extras.

The sleeve has “Vampire Knight the complete series” on the top middle of the sleeve. Yuki and Zero are the two characters on the front.

This DVD is the original un-cut version that is over 5 hours!

On the back of the sleeve is an enlarged image of Kaname. Next to Kaname’s head gives a description of the 1st season. On the front of the case of the DVD Zero in the day class uniform covered in blood! On the back of the case has Kaname in the night class uniform all nice, clean, and perfect. This DVD comes with a sample of the 1st manga for whoever is interested on reading it.

This series is about a 15 year old girl named Yuki Cross who was saved 10 years ago by Kaname Kuran. Kaname saved Yuki from a “bad” vampire. Yuki is now a guardian at a private school called Cross Academy as well as Zero. All the students that go to this school live on the campus. At Cross Academy there are two classes, the night class and the day class. There is one thing that separates the night class from the day class, the night class is a class of only vampires! It is Yuki and Zero’s job as guardians, and the only people other than head master Cross of course who know that vampires exist at the academy, to keep peace between the two classes. Also to keep the night class from snacking on the day classers. With more suspense and drama to come up within the story as Vampire Knight goes on.

Over all this series is a brilliant show for your teenager. I know I enjoyed it! This series is rated T for Older Teen. If you like drama, mystery, romance and a little bit of horror I recommend the Vampire Knight! I can’t wait until season 2 comes out, so I can get the scoop on it!!

Here’s a clip from the first episode of the series. Don’t worry, in the box set, the subtitles are in English, not Spanish.