• Publisher: Disney
  • Format: Collectibles
  • Available: Now
  • MSRP: $69.95-$89.95 each

If you’ve never seen Robert Olszewski in action, you are missing out on an amazing site. The things he can do with miniatures go miles beyond anything you would imagine. His Disney work has impressed me for years, but most of it was only available in the Disney Parks. Now that’s all changing thanks to his new Gallery of Light line. They are available both through the parks and to retail through Enesco. The gallery of light pieces are little shadow boxes, each around 6-8 inches tall. They light up, have highly detailed scenes from your favorite movies and make for a very impressive display. Included in today’s reviews are the new Gallery of Light releases for Nightmare Before Xmas, Beauty and the Beast, Pinocchio, Fantasia, Cinderella, and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Despite the number of pieces in this review, it will actually be fairly short. The pieces are flawless and packed with more detail than I would have ever expected. Pinocchio is probably the most detailed, but none of them are lacking. One thing that strikes me about them, beyond the minute detail and excellent paint work is how the lighting effects each one so dramatically. They look great without the light, but there’s a transformation with the light that you have to see to understand.

One of the things that Robert is known for is hiding goodies. On the Gallery of Light, it’s the on/off switch. It actually took me several minutes find the light switch before I realized it was one of the tiny carved leaves on the front of the frame. Very clever. Now, take a look at the gallery and because seeing these pieces will tell you more than I ever could with words.