• Publisher: Disney
  • Format: Gift Boxes
  • Available: Now
  • MSRP: $50.00- $130.00 each

Robert Olszewski is a master of detail. His sculpting prowess has made him a legend in his field and a God among his fans. His eye for detail and Disney’s taste for intricate collectibles have been a match made in heaven. One of his latest Disney projects is the new Heirloom Box collection. Today we’ll take a look at three boxes: Pirates of the Caribbean, The Tiki Room, and The Nightmare Before Xmas.

Pirates of the Caribbean: This box is a wonderful blend of classic pirate tradition and Disney’s ride and movie property. While the box is made of resin, it has a texture like wood that gives a beautiful and realistic look to the scrimshaw style carvings that cover it. Tiny flourishes all over the base like the crabs and coins at the bottom of the border add a perfect highlight and the carved pirates on the ends finish it off with a ton of character.

Tiki Room: This piece is very cool. The heirloom box brings back a lot of memories of my childhood trips to Disney World. This box forgoes the wood texture from the box above in favor of rattan… isn’t resin an amazing thing? These carvings are a bit more primitive looking than the pirate box, but it is just as detailed. Every corner is covered with a very intricate totem pole of tikis and the sides are decked out with some really beautiful tribal carving.

Nightmare Before Xmas: This box is my favorite. That could be because I’m a huge fan of the movie, but its also just because its a great box. This one is totally different than the others. It is round for one thing. Also, it has the strongest tie to the property that it was inspired by. Start witd the lid. You have a great looking jack o lantern as the handle. Moving down, you get to see perfect recreations of all the doors from the holiday forest where Jack first finds Christmastown. Sure, they are done in different colors than the movie, but the look and feel were captured perfectly by Robert.