There are people out there much more talented than me. One of those people happen to be Adam WarRock, otherwise known as Euge and co-host of the War Rockets Ajax podcast. Eugo who doubles as Adam WarRock, also happens to write rap songs based off comics and has dedicated his time in creating a lengthy five minute rap called “I Gotta Believe!” that recaps the entire Scott Pilgrim series.

With the announcement of the title and release date for the final volume of Scott Pilgrim last week by Oni Press and the highly anticipated upcoming movie, Scott Pilgrim is now all up in your grill. Meanwhile, Hipsters can gloat how they knew about Scott Pilgrim years ago.

Go listen to “I Gotta Believe,” over at his site Adam WarRock And The Infinity Watch now. It’s gotten so popular, not only did Oni Press Tweet about it but so did the “Scott Pilgrim” movie director Edgar Wright and O’Malley himself.


Source: ComicAlliance