I’m really happy to have a story like this with all the idiots that seem to be running around on the news today. We may be screwing up the world, but it looks like some of the kids may ACTUALLY be our future.

This happened over Labor Day Weekend in Seatle. Two sisters, Kimberly, 8, and Rebecca, 10, launched a homemade aircraft made of broken arrow shafts and some wooden triangle and carrying a picture of a cat and an R2-D2 LEGO figure to the to almost 80,000 feet.

They named the contraption the “Loki Lego Launcher” after their cat Loki. using a helium weather balloon, they launched their craft into the air where it traveled up and away for over four hours at speeds of up to 70 MPH. When it finally came down, it was still intact and nearly fifty miles away from where it started.

As to how it landed, this is what one of the sisters had to say:

““We were very lucky because our spacecraft landed right by a huge pile of cow poop, but it didn’t land in it.”

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Source: Inhabitat