With some limitations of course…

According to Japan Times, a fishery cooperative in Susami, Wakayama Prefecture, sells a truly unique New Year’s greeting postcard — it is edible.

This unusual New Years postcard is composed entirely of dried squid, a popular, delectable and delicious snack that is fairly common throughout Asia.

The dried squid is vacuum-packed and wrapped in paper on which the sender pastes a sticker with the recipient’s name and address. With a stamp, it can then be sent through the ordinary mail.

The squid postcard, named Surumeiru, is priced at ¥230 (~$2.42 USD) and can be bought for all your friends and family here.

Seriously, instead of resending that same old “Happy Holiday’s” card purchased last year in bulk, why not actually send something cool. Why not do as the Japanese do? Why not send dried edible squid?

Source: Japan Times