Take a couple of minutes out of your day and check out this great new Batman Musical Parody set in the world of Arkham Origins. It sounds like it was heavily influenced by the music of Danny Elfman.

Here’s the cast for the video:
BATMAN: Matthew Hiscox
BLACK MASK: John Anthony
CATWOMAN: Angi Viper
JOKER: AJ Pinketon
HARLEY QUINN:Sparrow Rayne
BANE: Devon Chenoweth, Michael T. Coleman (voice)
RIDDLER: Scott Leverett
PENGUIN: Jon Courtot
POISON IVY: Sam Janes, Jennifer Zhang (voice)
ORACLE: Katie Herbert
RA’S AL GHUL: Peter Srinivasan


You’re a thorn in our sides!
And a pain in the neck!
You’re pathetic!
Like a really bad joke!

Detective, you’re a fool!
A delusionary wreck!
Come on Bats! Have a laugh!
‘Till your back’s finally broke!

What has wings like a bat,
And a brain half the size?
And will die like a man,
While the fires rise!

You can bet on your life
That tonight’s just the start!
Once you’ve bled ’till you’re dead,
We’ll tear Gotham apart!

We’ve been waiting for the ending of this Dark Knight!
Each excruciating second of this Dark Knight!
Gotham’s ashes will be raining on this Dark Knight!
Setting fire to this Dark Knight!

Look around! All you see’s
Your responsibility!
Take a life! Make a stand!
Join the League and take command!

Lighten up! Have a drink!
Titan’s better than you think!
Gotta say, Mister J,
I liked you even more that way!

Face your fears! Succumb to fright!
I’ll terrorize your Darkest Knight!
All your secrets are no more!
I’ve blown a hole in your armory’s floor!

Grab a lighter, ’cause we’re lighting up the Dark Knight!
Celebrating the destruction of the Dark Knight!
Arkham City’s bringing chaos to the Dark Knight!

Light the Dark Knight!
Light the Dark Knight!
End the Dark Knight!
Kill the Dark Knight!

One more chance to redeem my soul…
Should I save him? I don’t know…
Do I trust Black Mask will pay my share?
Batman needs me, but I don’t care…
I don’t care…

To the end of the Knight!
I propose a toast!
To the end of the Knight!
And his burnt-up ghost!

To the end of the Knight-
Whom I’ve deemed insane~
We’re gonna burn the bat-
A.K.A. “Bruce Wayne.”

To the end of the Knight!
And his pointless life!
To his gruesome death!
I’m Mister J’s new wife!

To the end of the Knight…
Make it slow~
Take delight~

It’s the End-
It’s the End-
It’s the End-
It’s the End-
It’s the End!

The end of the Knight!

Source: Geeksaresexy