Japanese acoustic quartet, Moonbowmusicmovie has just come out with some of the best cover music that we’ve ever seen for a video game. The game is Super Mario Bros 3 and they created a medley using two guitars and an upright bass that is absolutely phenomenal. I wish more real video games had music like this.

Track List:
1. World Map1
2. Ground BGM
3. Star
4. Player down
5. World Map1
6. Slot BGM
7. Mario battle
8. Athletics BGM
9. Hurry Up!
10. Stage Clear

Here some other great performances of video game music that we found from Moonbowmusicmovie:

Chocobo Theme – Final Fantasy series

Chrono Trigger Theme – Chrono Trigger

Clash on the Big Bridge – Final Fantasy V

Source: Neatorama