Imagine finding one of those in your shower one morning! Luckily for entymologist Piotr Naskrecki, he stumbled upon this monster in the wild and not in the bathroom. He was actually searching for Katydids in the jungles of Guyana when he discovered the Goliath Birdeater Spider.

Here is the scientist’s description of his new discovery:
This furry spider is the size of a puppy, and thanks to hard claws on the tips of its foot-long legs, it makes a horrifying clicking sound when it scampers through the forest.

Every time I got too close to the birdeater it would do three things. First, the spider would start rubbing its hind legs against the hairy abdomen. “Oh, how cute!”, I thought when I first saw this adorable behavior, until a cloud of urticating hair hit my eyeballs, and made me itch and cry for several days.

If that wasn’t enough, the arachnid would rear its front legs and open its enormous fangs, capable of puncturing a mouse’s skull, and tried to jab me with the pointy implements.