We came across this video late last night and knew that your Thursday would not be complete without it. Charlie Sheen is everywhere. He’s got his Tiger Blood and his Adonis DNA, but would you want to date him? The guys over at Rigor tortoise don’t think that they would. In fact, this little love song is a tribute to all the ways that the singer’s object of affection is nothing like Sheen.

I don’t know about you, but some dude in tighty whities jumping around with a giant Charlie Sheen Head creeps me the hell out.

On a side note… I’d almost be willing to bet money that at least three beverage companies have already contacted Charlie Sheen with an endorsement deal for the soon to be developed “Tiger’s Blood Energy Drink.”
I can already see the slogan: “Drink Tiger Blood or look like droopy-eyed armless children!”

2 thoughts on “The Ultimate Compliment (A Charlie Sheen Song)”

  1. Ha, ha! The different Sheen sxpressions on all the masks really get me. CREEPY!

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