Finally, a weapon that not only lets me kill zombies from a distance, but also has a built in ejector for when their skulls get stuck on it!

The guys from The Slingshot Channel have created a new weapon that was inspired from watching season 2 of The Walking Dead. If the gang had a few of these bad boys with them on the road, their own herd might not be as thin as it has gotten!

This 3 in 1 weapon combines all the best part of killing zombies, stealth, speed and ass kickitude! On one end, there is a super strong slingshot with a counter balance to take the stress off your wrist. On the other end is a ball for bludgeoning and spike for skull penetration.

In normal weapons, when you spike a walker’s skull, you’d have to worry about it getting stuck and you losing the weapon… not here! With the flip of a lever, the zombie’s skull is ejected and you can move on to causing more carnage!

Here’s the official description and a video of the weapon in action.

The Weapon:
A 15cm steel spike, sharp and hardened, in combination with a blunt “smasher” side made from a large steel ball, plus a slingshot on the handle side!

A spike is the easiest way to destroy a Zombie brain. But what if it gets stuck, and more ghouls are approaching? Therefore, a skull ejector lever has been added. A simple pull, and the spike comes free, ready to make the next “dead thing deader”.

Source: Neatorama