In Spain, a 25-year old man who sued his parents for not paying his allowance not only lost, but was ordered to leave his parents house.

According to a report by CNN, a Spaniard had been receiving $588 in allowance from his parents as well as free room and board. But his parents finally had enough and refused to pay him his allowance unless he tried to look for a job. Unhappy with his parents decision, the man took his parents to court.

In the court proceedings however, the judge dismissed the man-child’s complaint, and to add insult to injury, also ordered him to move out of their home in order to look for a job.

The judge told the man, who has not been named in court documents, that he must leave his parents’ house within 30 days.

According to the judge’s ruling, the man was studying law, but at a slow rate, and would probably not complete the degree for several years. Meanwhile, he was more than capable of finding some kind of work.

Since the ruling, the parents have taken over their son’s car payments, and are still required to pay him $292 in “monthly food stipend” for the next two years.

Source: loweringthebar