Superman finally has a villainess and all I can say is… Thank God it’s not Lindsey Lohan. It will in fact, by the much speculated Antje Traue. She will be taking on the role of Faora alongside Michael Shannon’s General Zod.

Even though there is more than one Faora in the Superman lexicon… because Faora is just such a common name, right?… It is most likely that she’ll be playing General Zod’s Right Hand, who can actually weaken molecular bonds with her touch.

There’s also a 50/50 chance that she’ll play a man hating Kryptonian who is the Bruce Lee to Superman’s Chuck Norris.

The German actress is not entirely new to American cinema. She’s starred in last year’s ‘Pandorum’ with Dennis Quaid and is going to be in ‘5 Days of August’ with Val Kilmer, Andy Garcia and Heather Graham?

Source: Variety